Ambo University Students Massacre in 2014

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During a mass demonstration in which over 27,000 people participated from Ambo and its surrounding areas against the Addis Ababa Master Plan, TPLF’s Agazi elite military division killed more than 50 unarmed students and members of the general public, including distraught families arriving at the scene to collect the dead bodies of their sons and daughters.

At the Ambo Massacre, Oromos were targeted on the the basis of their ethnicity by Tigrigna-speaking security forces who don’t speak the victims’ language, Afan Oromo.

Students from Ambo University and 11 high schools from the area were peacefully protesting the master plan designed to commit a systematic ethnic-cleansing against an estimated 8-10 million Oromo people from several Oromia’s cities and rural districts over 10 years.

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